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Wedding Sermons - How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Sermon

Wedding SermonThe wedding sermon is one of the most important parts of the entire wedding ceremony, maybe even the wedding itself. The wedding sermon is so important because it is the majority of the words spoken during the wedding ceremony. The wedding sermon is what binds the two loved ones together into marriage, so it needs to be full of loving words. In addition, the wedding sermon needs to be entertaining so the audience and the bride and groom don’t fall asleep!

When deciding which wedding sermon you would like, there are many things to consider. If you are having your wedding ceremony at a church, you may already have the officant and wedding sermon chosen for you. If you are hiring a wedding officant, make sure that they don’t only their wedding sermon.

If you get to choose your own wedding sermon, you have quite a task ahead! Choosing a wedding sermon can sometimes be very difficult, and it is a very long process!! There are many types of wedding sermons. Below I have provided you with steps to choose the perfect wedding sermon.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Sermon :

  1. Choose your wedding ceremony style
    If you want a formal wedding, look for formal wedding sermons
    If you want a religious wedding ceremony, choose a religious based wedding sermon
    If you want a casual wedding, then you can choose a more casual wedding sermon
  2. Next choose the length of your wedding sermon.
    How long do you want to be standing up at the altar? If you want a quick wedding ceremony, choose a shorter wedding sermon. Typically the entire wedding ceremony lasts one hour, with the wedding sermon about half of that.
  3. Now read through sample sermons that fit your style and are the correct length.
    Make a pile of sermons you definitely don’t like, one that alright, and one more that you love. It is best to do this by yourself, and then have your partner read through the ones you love and the ones you feel are alright. (Toss out the ones you hate!).
  4. Have your partner make the same piles, hate, alright, and love. Throw out the ones your partner hates, and look through the ones that you both love. Try to agree on one out of this pile.
  5. If neither of you can agree on one in this pile, take a break for a day or two. If there are none that you both love, go to the ones that you both feel are alright or that one of you feels alright and the other one loves. Read through them together until you find one you can agree on.
  6. It is best to go ahead and choose 2 or 3 for now, and then make your final decision 2 months before the wedding.

I hope this has helped you choose the best wedding sermon for your wedding! Make sure it meets both of your needs, and it is alright with both families. You do not want any upset family members, but you and your partner are first to please. If a family member is not okay with the wedding sermon you chose, explain to them why you chose it, and then remind them that it is YOUR wedding.

So, that's almost everything about wedding sermons at this point of time. Now you might also like to read an article or two on wedding speech and toasts.

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