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Although there is no certain rule to wedding etiquette, they need to be well observed. Who will be seating the guests, and at what table? Who will be giving the wedding speeches and in what order?

Although, most people are well behaved while attending a wedding, there is always at least one person, who has to ruin it for everyone. You know the one I'm referring to. The individual, who is tapping on the table, while the speeches are being given, or checking their watch throughout the speech process,. Therefore, a gesture of honor should be given, to ensure that rude individual doesn't do such things while the wedding speeches are being given.

It is tradition that the father of the bride gives his speech first. Since he is the father, it is wedding etiquette that he does so, considering, he paid for the wedding, he must also welcome everyone to the reception. It in addition states in the wedding etiquette, that the father of the bride must do the honors, of toasting the new bride and groom first. Following this a gesture is made, in his honor, giving him credit for making this day so spectacular.

The wedding speech etiquette also states that the groom must follow the father of the bride, and thank him for a lovely wedding, reception, as well as the announcements. The best man generally is the next in the order followed by the maid of honor, if she is willing. The best man speech is probably the most anticipated speech of the evening and the most entertaining too. Best man speeches or toasts are again influenced by best man toast etiquette.

However, a little improvisation is just fine as far as the wedding speech etiquette is concerned. The wedding speech can be mixed up, and put into whichever order you prefer. The first to the dance floor should be the bride and groom. A father and daughter dance isn't in the etiquette, but is a major tradition that most people choose to be a part of. Cutting the cake also isn't included in the wedding etiquette, although it is also a tradition used by the main percentage of couples. Throwing the bouquet is another tradition not listed in the wedding etiquette. However, it is one of the most happy and joyous events that take place while attending a wedding, a wedding just wouldn't be a wedding without removing the bride's garter, which also isn't listed in the wedding etiquette. Although these traditions aren't listed in the etiquette, the majority of couples choose them to be a part of their wedding day.

The wedding etiquette also states, that there must be a accommodating line for the guests to speak, and be acknowledged, by the bride and groom, including the entire bridal party, the immediate family, of both, the bride and groom. It continues by stating that the bride and groom must thank the guests for coming, as a common courtesy.

The wedding day is almost here, and there is a list of traditions to take part in, and pay close attention to the wedding etiquette rules. The wedding etiquette deals with, proper manners, social skills, and common courtesy. The wedding traditions are always fun to take part in. You can still have the wedding of your dreams, keep things in order, and have fun at the same time. Although the wedding etiquette isn't chiseled in stone, it does give you a better way to keep things in order, and ensure that your wedding day will turn out, exactly, like you imagined it would.

By the way, it is vital that you precisely know the Wedding Speech Etiquette for your type of Wedding Speech and make sure that you remember follow them while giving your speech.

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