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Listening to Wedding Speeches and Wedding ToastsThere are many ways to make a great wedding speech. Some people strive to make the speech a comedic affair, discussing humorous anecdotes to lighten the mood, and relive memories. Others simply express their true feelings about the bride and groom, giving them and the audience a deep, personal experience as a result. Every once in a while someone gives a wedding speech that provides us all with a whole new perspective on life and love. Here is some advice you should follow for creating a captivating and memorable wedding speech.

Many people choose to give wedding speeches with little to no planning, and most turn out uninteresting, terrible, or even irreverent. This is a speech that the bride, groom, and their friends and family are probably going to remember for a long time, so it shouldn't be taken lightly or carried out recklessly. You should make and give practice-speeches well in advance of the actual ceremony, and become accustomed to looking at an audience during your speeches, not your notes or papers. Completely written speeches are recommended, but you could also make prompt cards if you're better at speaking with no preparation. Focus on the bride and groom: even if you're personally doing wonderful or miserable, this wedding speech is not for you, but for the couple getting married. Keep the speech short and succinct - somewhere between 5 and 8 minutes - to give the audience something to think about without boring them with a lengthy lecture. These points should offer a good framework for your future speech.

Stages of Wedding Speeches

Every great wedding speech has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The speech's introduction should give the audience general information about yourself, since many people in the audience probably won't know you or your relation to the bride and groom. You should thank the bride and groom for having the ceremony, and whoever is paying for the whole affair. This is also the time in wedding speeches to thank the key organizers, and the catering staff for offering their services. Wedding toasts should be saved for the end of the speech. Lastly, you should thank those who had to travel far or in difficult circumstances to be there with you all.

For the middle of the speech, you should focus exclusively on the bride and groom. Explain how they originally met, and what are your feelings regarding the both of them. Also include what other people think about them in this part of the wedding speech, both individually and as a couple. To make wedding speeches very special, include distinguishing events or distinctive features about the couple's relationship, something that really stands out. The middle portion should be bulk of your speech, and keep the audience's attention. The information you give in the middle of the wedding speech should be interesting enough that the audience cannot wait to hear your thrilling ending, and will greatly assist in an impressive, noteworthy, and well-remembered speech.

The end of the wedding speech should wrap it all up in an entertaining and moving way. Focus on the future, giving the bride and groom well wishes of continued health, wealth, and love. This should come from the heart, so really show that you're happy for them and want to let the bride, groom, and audience know this. Congratulate the couple on their marriage, and prepare everyone for the end of the ceremony by offering a warm, cheerful wedding toast. The wedding toast should be friendly and cordial, drawing everyone in and allowing them to collectively enjoy the end of the speech, and the beginning of a new stage for the bride and groom. This isn't the time to be joking or sarcastic, as this could be easily misunderstood, and could subsequently ruin the amiable atmosphere you've worked so hard in creating and maintaining. An appropriate end to a well-constructed wedding speech will make the wedding ceremony that much more enjoyable, and will certainly help in making the event as happy and glamorous as it should be.

These are the essential steps needed to create a magical and interesting wedding speech and toast. Proper planning and preparation is required to create a quality speech, and it will show the bride and groom that you truly care about their happiness, and want them and the audience to have a good time. Stick to a consistent 'beginning, middle, end' formula, so that the speech has a natural flow, and allows the audience to easily comprehend and enjoy it. Do not forget to thank the appropriate people in the wedding speeches you may give, because this gives them their due respect and will be remembered. Give the audience stimulating stories about the bride and groom to make the speech enticing and dazzling. Conclude with heartfelt well wishes, and a cheerful toast. All together, these elements will create an extraordinary and inspiring wedding speech, a speech that will be leagues above the rest.

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