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Wedding Speeches Do's and Don'ts - Things You Need to Do and Avoid Doing While Making Wedding

Planning a wedding speech can be extremely difficult no matter how close you are to the bride and groom. A wedding speech is not only a toast at a wedding but it is also the first step in ushering in the newly wed couple. This puts a lot of pressure on writing meaningful wedding speeches for the occasion so it is important to consider what is right to do and what is completely inappropriate. If you are aware of the things you want to do and the things you need to avoid doing, you are definitely on your way to make a perfect wedding speech. In this article we are going to discuss a few "Do's and Don'ts for Wedding Speeches"

The first thing you want to 'Do' when writing a wedding speech is to consider topics that are close to the newly weds, consider who your audience is, and think about what you really want to say about the newly weds. Now here's what you 'Don't' do while writing wedding speeches - do not get long winded, avoid bogging down your speech with anecdotes, and do not be rude or malicious towards anyone in the speech.

Think for a moment about what the newly weds are like and how you can encapsulate their personalities in as few words as possible. You want your wedding speech to be powerful and meaningful as opposed to long. Give the audience a glimpse into the life of the couple and perhaps share an experience that truly identifies them and their relationship. This does not have to be an entire story. Your wedding speeches can just include individual aspects of a story that showcase the characteristics that are relevant. This can be something as simple as mentioning when the groom saved your life when you were choking on a peanut, to demonstrate how heroic they are, or something as frivolous as how the bride has consorted with you every month to plan ideal dates, to demonstrate how romantic they are. Establishing personality is a good first step in drawing in the audience and making them interested in the newly weds.

The next step is writing a good wedding speech is to consider who your audience is. What you write and orate will change drastically depending on who is present. If the audience is nothing but coworkers and family members of the couple, then you probably want to stick to mildly embarrassing topics and much more innocent capers and japes in your wedding speech. Consider what the audience will find boring and what ties they have to the couple. A much more familiar audience is ideal for letting slip innocent secrets and naughty behavior.

The final 'Do' to writing a successful wedding speech is to know what you are trying to say about the newly weds before hand. Wedding speeches without a topic will end up bland and boring. Think about whether you are trying to bolster opinions about the couple, wish them well, humble them, or whatever your goal may be. Try not to take on more than one or two topics though as any more will cause a wedding speech to drag on needlessly.

Next consider the 'Don'ts' for wedding speeches. Never become long winded during a speech and drag a topic on for too long. This is boring and loses the audiences interest and weakens your points. No one is going to care that the groom was a great minister if it takes you half an hour to get that across. Keep your stories concise and if it takes you more than a few minutes to get a point across, that means you need to condense it.

Every good wedding speech needs an anecdote or two just to fully encapsulate the life of the newly weds for the audience. However, this does not mean that you need to cram entire anecdotes into the story or worse, drag in anecdotes that do not involve the couple. Utilize portions of anecdotes and keep the parts used relevant to the rest of the wedding speech. The second your wedding speeches become about anything besides the bride and groom you need to stop and redo the speech.

Finally, do not bring any vicious or cruel comments or remarks about anyone into the wedding speech. Your vendettas and grudges have no place in such a happy time and you should not drag them in there. It does not matter if your qualms are legitimate or petty, leave them out. On such a momentous occasion, do not somber the mood with poisonous words.

Your attitude and your wedding speeches attitude will play a big role in what the mood of the wedding will be. So be happy and have fun with your wedding speeches, they should not be a chore. Enjoy whatever wedding speech you write and the audience will enjoy it as well.

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