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Wedding Speeches for The Maid of Honor

Wedding speeches for the maid of honor could be one of the most cherished moments in a woman's life. A good maid of honor speech is treasured forever by the bride and remembered for a long time by everybody who has experienced it. In this article I will try to give you some guidelines that will hopefully assist you to create wonderful maid of honor speeches.

It is not your day this day it will be soon but not today make it all about him and her the bride and groom. As a bridesmaid your duties are to help assist and insure that there day is truly one in a life time. Making it through the day includes the all important toast at the wedding dinner. A few things to remember to insure a thoughtful moment to remember you should follow these guidelines it's not about you, short and sweet, practice and practice again, be yourself with style, get creative and set or know the schedule. Remember wedding speeches from the maid of honor are one of the most anticipated moments during wedding receptions - you need to make sure that this make you feel inspired and not scared.

It's not about you
Why you would think this was your day for a split second we don't know the white dress is on the other girl. Often we get sad, jealous and hopeful that our day will come soon the wedding blues come on often enough but not during you perfect bridesmaid toast. When sharing thoughts and feelings during your maid of honor speech keep stories focused on what the bride and groom did and not do you remember when we did this and got drunk at that party and I danced on the table and you stopped me and took me home. The work ME should be eliminated from you maid of honor speeches for good.

Short and Sweet
At weddings there are so many people that you as a bridesmaid don't know many, many of the guests. Often family and friends haven't seen each other in years and getting together with these forgotten loved ones it is a time to catch up. Meaning the room will be buzzing with conversation, hugs kisses and tears. When sharing your bridesmaid toast keep it short and sweet and too the point. Please no long stories.

Practice Practice
Practice make perfect and it holds true for wedding speeches for maid of honor as well. If you don't practice it's going to be like a firehouse. You won't know what to say and you will start on square A and will end up on square G. Stop don't do that find one maybe two points you want to cover moments or special experience feeling you have and practice. Practicing will give you confidence and when you stand up to give your toast you will be at ease and feel relaxed and yourself. So practice practice practice.

Be yourself with Style
Is it nerve racking to stand up in front of a crowd of strangers and open your heart and shed a tear? Oh yes it is. When this nervous nerve starts running we want to wiggle and frit and yes the dreaded world umm. Stop right there relax stand tall show everyone how good you look in your dress and open your heart make there day make a moment they will remember. So sister her is your calling to present and give a maid of honor speech with style and be yourself be the girl the bride and groom know make the groomsmen remember your toast.

Get creative
A moment to remember has to be worth remembering. Your bride or groom choose you to be there special assistant this one day the most important day of their life. They want you and want you to enjoy there day with them so make it a toast that when they remember there great day and all the wonderful moments they will remember your wedding speech and creativity.

Set or know the schedule
Often when you hear your name it means it's your turn. Thought run through your head what was I going to say, I've been practicing I hope that practice pays off and then you forget in that moment to say your first pick up line that make the joke at the end make sense and you don't know what to do. Why did this happen of because you were called at the spur of the moment to give your bridesmaid toast. Don't be caught off guard be prepared by knowing when your moment in the spotlight will occur. Ask what the time line will be so that if things aren't rolling and you can see that frantic look in the bride's eyes then you can easily turn the situation around by helping other know what is going on. Just imagine you standing and setting the mood of the toast with you moment that everyone will remember.

So those are my notions on maid of honor speeches. In my opinion it should suit the majority of woman who have been chosen as the maid of honor and are keen to make meaningful maid of honor speeches.

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