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Order of Wedding Speeches

Wedding ceremonies follow so many traditions and customs, and the wedding reception speeches are no different. The traditional wedding speeches order was made so that the wedding speeches can be in the most eloquent, memorable order.

Understand and Know the Traditional Ordering of Wedding Speeches - Who will your speech follow on the big day?

Understanding and having proper knowledge of the order of the wedding speeches is important for all who intend to deliver their respective wedding speeches during the wedding reception.

The Father of the Bride Wedding Speech
Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches traditionally starts off the long list of wedding speeches for the ceremony. The Father of the Bride has a very important role in the wedding speeches, not only does he start them off, but he is to brag about how wonderful his daughter is and give her inspiring words and marriage advice.

The Groom Wedding Speech
Groom speeches are very important and very formal. The groom is to thank everyone for coming, and thank specific people, on the behalf of his wife, that made a significant difference in the day. This list includes the parents and members of the wedding party.  At the end of his speech he introduces his best man.

The Best Man Wedding Speech
Best Man Wedding Speeches are traditionally hilarious. The best man is allowed to be informal, and he is supposed to make everyone laugh, which is why he is traditionally put in the middle of the speeches. His speech gets everyone’s attention back and wakes them up.

The Maid of Honor Wedding Speech
Maid of Honor speeches often turn out drastic because the Maid of Honor panics after hearing how funny the best man speech was. The Maid of Honor often tries to joke around in her speech, and it never turns out right for her. Traditionally, the Maid of Honor speech should be touching and from the heart—please, don’t humiliate yourself.

Others who wish to speak

Traditionally or otherwise the Mother of the Bride, the Father of the Groom and the Bride herself are among the others who would want to speak. Technically the Father of the Groom speech is more like a best man speech from the grom's father. There is no hard and fast rule as to when the Mother of the Bride speak - ideally she might follow the Maid of Honor. And when it comes to the Bride, you din't see a bride giving a wedding speech too often but if she does she is often the last speaker in the order of wedding speeches and thanks everybody for their kind words and blessings.

Any other guests that wish to speak at the reception should talk to the bride and groom prior to the wedding day. The bride and groom also may ask someone additional to speak if they wish.

The traditional ordering of the wedding speeches is not required, even at traditional weddings. The bride and groom have the ultimate decision of the ordering of the wedding speeches. The two will be able to decide the order of the speeches by determining who has experience in public speaking, the speaker’s personalities, and by the tone of the speech.

The wedding speeches order should be laid out by the bride and groom before the wedding reception, so be sure if you are giving a wedding speech, you know who you’re following. Communicate with the bride and groom, and everything should go smoothly!

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