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On that special day where you join your husband-to-be at the altar, one of the things that you have to prepare yourself are your wedding vows. Nothing can be more meaningful and memorable to you and especially your soon-to-be partner in life than the vows and promises you make in the eyes of everyone (friends, family, and others) as well as in the presence of the Almighty. Though the thought of declaring your love, our dedication, and your self-commitment to your marriage will pressure you during your wedding preparations, it really isn't all that heart once you know in your heart that this is the life that you are sure to promise yourself to keep and hold forever.

There are many ways that you can go for to get yourself started. It doesn't take a genius to know that wedding vows should come from the heart and don't need any proofreading or editing to make it meaningful to your husband or wife. All you need to do is concentrate, keep in mind that you love your partner, you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her, and that you want to declare it to the entire world and to the people that matter the most in your life to let him or her know just how much you love them. It would be best to do a little walking, reflecting, and even writing to get the creative juices flowing through your veins.

If you're still clueless on how to write your wedding vows for the big day, here are some tips that may help you come up with the best message to your husband or wife. Who knows, by the time you have gone through the list you're already brimming with ideas for the big day.

1.Remembering the happy times and the memories that mean the most to you is a great way to start when writing your wedding vows. Try to include significant details like the day that you two met, how he or she changed your life, appreciate the love and care they have shared with you, etc.

2.You have to keep in mind that wedding vows have to be concise and at the same time deep, meaningful, and should ooze with all the love and emotion from your heart, mind and soul.

3.People want to feel the love you feel for your husband or wife when you declare your promise of everlasting love to them on that special day, so try not to make it too generic or too long. Keep it direct to the point but as much as posssible avoid retelling a long novel that only you and your partner can relate to.

4.The audience would want to enjoy in sharing your big day, but they wouldn't want to hear your numerous dates, how you enjoyed embarrassing moments, etc for the entire ceremony.

5.Always keep in mind that your wedding vows should be unique, original, and from your very own words, so avoid copying and pasting famous wedding vows and read them all over again on the wedding day.

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